International Journal of Fantasy and Philosophy

The International Journal of Fantasy and Philosophy is a peer-reviewed, online, open access journal that aims to foster the appreciation of the fantasy genre as a medium for philosophical reflection. It focuses on the analysis of philosophical themes in fantasy stories in all formats, and on their use for the discussion, teaching, and narrative modeling of philosophical ideas.

The journal invites submissions from any discipline in philosophy, including both analytic and continental approaches. It aims both to serve as a medium for academic dialogue and to attract and introduce a non-academic public to philosophical discussions.

The Journal is the sibling-publication of the Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy, sharing some of its framework and resources. (Please send any submissions focused on science fiction narratives to the JSFP instead.)

Call for Papers, Volume 1 (2022):

Are You “The One”? Destiny, Fate, Freedom and Personal Meaning in Fantasy Stories

Sword in the Stone cover

Signs, callings, tests and prophecies give form and shape to innumerable fantasy stories; they almost define the genre, even when playing against expectations through the motif of the “unlikely heroes.”  But is there some correlation of these motifs with our real life, or are we attracted to these stories because of something that we lack?

The first volume of the IJFP invites authors to explore, with the help of fantasy narratives, questions such as these:

  • What are the points of contact and points of distinction between such notions as fate, destiny, predestination, calling, providence, being “the chosen one”? Are these notions contradictory with the idea of personal freedom and choice?
  • Are there objective correlates to these notions in real life? If so, how can they be grounded in philosophical argument? If not, what does their presence in fantasy indicate about the human condition?
  • From the opposite direction, how do these motifs shape our worldview? How does their presence distinctly mark the genre? Is this “meaning-shaping” a positive or negative influence for society as a whole?
  • How does their interplay in specific narratives help deepen our understanding of freedom, determinism, personal choice and related notions?

The deadline for the first round of reviews is October 15, 2021. Please send queries, manuscripts and general questions to Matt Butcher, at editor.ijfp@gmail.com.

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